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Besides hormonal contraception, copper-IUDs are the most effective and safe method of contraception. Patients looking for safe and long-term precautions without hormones will decide for a copper-IUD. Up to now copper-IUDs are still the most common way of contraception worldwide.

The main concern of Mona Lisa N.V. is to sell high quality products at lower prices than equivalent original products. The product range covers all main versions of copper-IUDs which have been proven and well known for years in various markets. Mona Lisa products are defined as being similar or identical to the original products like "Multiload Cu 375/250 SL" by Organon, "Nova T 380" by Schering, "Flexi T 300" by Prosan or as replacements of well known but no more available products like the "Gyne-T" from Janssen Cilag.

The body of the IUD is made of polyethylene with copper wire wound around the stem. The addition of barium sulphate enables radiological proofing. The total copper surface area varies between 300 mm² and 380 mm². The higher the copper surface the longer the in-situ-time within the patient´s body (from 5-10 years). The copper has a purity level of 99,9 %. The return thread at the bottom end of the body is composed of tear-proof nylon.

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